Standing Ovation

Award Recipients

Standing Ovation is a yearly event to celebrate the entire community of DC educators and present top performers with awards and cash prizes.

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Standing Ovation 2022

Educate Students For Success In a Changing World

Award for Teachers
  • Elleni Abebe, Social Studies Teacher, Roosevelt High School
  • Perrinh Savang, Teacher, General Elementary, Janney Elementary School
  • Angela Isom, ELA Teacher, King Elementary School
  • Tia Clemmons, PE Teacher, Jackson-Reed High School
  • Andrew Green, Music Teacher, Phelps High School

Support Students For Success In a Changing World

Award for Staff
  • Kira Rowe, Counselor, Coolidge High School
  • Malcolm Rivers, Pathway Coordinator, Ballou STAY High School
  • Melissa Sweeney, Social Worker, Anacostia High School
  • Marlen Giles, Instructional Coach, Eliot-Hine Middle School
  • Rodney McDaniel, Custodial Foreman, Powell Elementary

Lead The Way For Innovation In Our Schools

Award for School Leaders
  • Alethea Bustillo, Principal, Bruce-Monroe Elementary School
  • William Haith, Principal, Anacostia High School
  • Tyra Russell, Assistant Principal, A.K Savoy Elementary School
  • Anna Katt, Assistant Principal, Hendley Elementary School
  • Charlette Butler-Strickland, Principal, Hart-Middle School

Build Bridges To Our Students and Families

Award for Schools
  • Bancroft Elementary School
  • Hyde-Addison Elementary School
  • Jefferson Middle School

Elevate Supports for Schools

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Baylen Brooks, Specialist, School Operations, Office of the Chief Operating Officer
  • Kevin Washburn, Director, DCPS Library Programs, Office of Teaching and Learning
  • Nathalie Navarrete, Manager, Educator Pipelines & Credentialing, Office of Leadership Development
  • Sonya Soloway, Manager, Design and Innovation, Office of School Improvement and Supports
  • Tamesha Freeman, Speech Language Pathologist, Office of Teaching and Learning, Division of Specialized Instruction

Standing Ovation 2021

Instructing During a Year of Change

Award for Teachers
  • Travis Bouldin, World History Instructor, Ron Brown HS
  • Kyra Dolison, Kindergarten Teacher, Randle Highlands ES
  • Alisa Halliburton, Special Education CES MS teacher, Cardozo EC
  • Jonte Lee, Science Teacher, Coolidge HS
  • Angela Refuerzo-Tababan, Special Education Teacher, River Terrace EC

Connecting During a Year of Change

Award for Staff
  • Dedra Adams-Johnson, Director Strategy and Logistics, Roosevelt STAY
  • Edwin Boddie, Manager Strategy and Logistics, Langdon ES
  • Pankaj Rayamajhi, Director Strategy and Logistics, Columbia Heights EC
  • Jasmine Smith, ECE Partner Teacher, Turner ES
  • Corey Totress, Twilight/ Pathways Coordinator, Eastern HS

Leading During a Year of Change

Award for School Leaders
  • Latoya Asaya, Assistant Principal, Excel Academy
  • Shawna Dix, Assistant Principal, Hardy MS
  • Shenora Plenty, Principal, Wheatley EC
  • Sundai Riggins, Principal, Hendley ES
  • Megan Vroman, Principal, Ida B. Wells MS

Engaging Families During a Year of Change

Award for Schools
  • Browne EC
  • Dunbar HS
  • Kramer MS

Supporting Schools During a Year of Change

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Veronica Alvarado, Manager, Teacher Recruitment & Pipelines, OSIS
  • Bianca Bennett, Manager, Global Studies, OTL
  • Tara Cheston, Specialist, LGBTQ and Sexual Health Program, OTL
  • Jennifer Fuller, Manager, Curricular Innovation, OTL
  • Jerry liar, Public Events & Engagement Coordinator, Communications and Engagement Office

Standing Ovation 2020

School Staff Member of the Year

Award for Staff
  • Brandon Williams, Custodial Foreman, Thomson ES

School Staff Rubensteins

Award for Staff
  • Jermaine Wyatt, Excel Academy
  • Angela Wright, Patterson ES
  • Julian Hipkins Ill, Roosevelt HS
  • Robert Gillespie, Turner ES

Teacher of the Year

Award for Teachers
  • Ashley Kearney, Ron Brown HS

Teaching Rubensteins

Award for Teachers
  • Allen Richardson, Randle Highlands ES
  • BreeAnna Haynes, Stanton ES
  • Marion Fox, Payne ES
  • Elizabeth Barkley, Cardozo HS

Principal of the Year

Award for School Leaders
  • Masi Preston, Principal, Dorothy I. Height ES

Leadership Rubensteins

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Kemi Baltimore-Husbands, Langdon ES
  • Art Mola, Cardozo EC
  • Carrie Broquard, Lafayette ES
  • Sylvia Isaac, School Without Walls HS

Chancellor's Awards: Students First

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Maya Washington, General Counsel

Chancellor's Awards: Equity

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Lizz Rene, School Improvement & Supports

Chancellor's Awards: Excellence

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Danna Reuven, Data Systems & Strategy

Chancellor's Awards: Teamwork

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Roger Asterilla, Chief Operating Office

Chancellor's Awards: Courage

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Sharona Robinson, Chief of Staff

Chancellor's Awards: Joy

Award for Central Office Employees
  • Ricky Brown, Chief Operating Office


Award for Schools
  • Wheatley EC

Empowered Team

Award for Schools
  • Bancroft ES

Innovation for Excellence

Award for Schools
  • Drew ES

Whole Child

Award for Schools
  • Anacostia HS

Together with Families

Award for Central Office Employees
  • C.W. Harris ES

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