Disbursement Forms

DC Ed Fund’s Online Request Center

DC Ed Fund is proud to support DC Public Schools! If you have any questions, please contact us.

Materials Disbursement

This form is for a request related to tangible good expenses, such as curricular materials. For these requests, DC Ed Fund will process the order on your behalf.

To avoid discrepancies and expedite processing, we recommend that you secure a quote with the vendor or build a shopping cart with the requested quantities, sales tax, and applicable shipping charges.

Travel Disbursement

Travel forms are for requests related to travel expenses, such as airfare, train and bus tickets, car rentals, or lodging. For travel, please select either Transit or Hotel. If you are requesting both transit and hotel for your upcoming trip, please fill-out both forms.

For these requests, DC Ed Fund will secure travel on your behalf. To expedite processing, we recommend that you capture a screenshot of your preferred flight, train, or bus. Please ensure dates, times, and costs are referenced in your screenshot. For lodging, please indicate the hotel name and dates of your stay.

For all modes of travel, please ensure sales tax is included, when applicable.

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