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DC Ed Fund backs cutting-edge initiatives with the potential to generate systemic change. Our investments have transformed DCPS into the fastest-improving school district in the nation.

Targeted investments to achieve DCPS’ most ambitious goals.

Signature Event

Standing Ovation

Standing Ovation was designed as a way to honor the achievements of DCPS’ top teachers, leaders, and school communities. For more than ten years, this unique DC tradition has played a critical role in elevating the teaching profession and celebrating what’s working in urban education.

Current Investment

DCPS Becoming

As a nation and as an urban public school system, we are emerging from an unprecedented year having fought through unprecedented experiences. DC Public Schools (DCPS) learned so much as a school community on how to reinvent teaching and learning regardless of conditions. We also witnessed the structural racism in America and the lopsided outcomes that stem from racial inequities. DCPS is at an inflection point, a moment in its history, where returning to a pre-pandemic posture is not an option. Instead, DCPS is shattering the status quo by acknowledging the journey it must take and the work that has to be done in order to be better, stronger, all in pursuit of becoming an antiracist and whole child centered organization. To learn more about the new DCPS Becoming $20M fund, contact us.

Launched in 2018

Reading Clinic

The DC Reading Clinic launched in 2018 to meet two critical needs at once: offering intense, one-on-one decoding sessions for DCPS’ most struggling readers, and providing clinical apprenticeships for DCPS educators to become literacy experts. The Clinic now operates in three locations across the city.

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Rate of expected reading growth for DCRC students


Rate of Clinic-trained teacher who would recommend the experience to their peers


Number of students who have been affected by a Reading Clinic-trained teacher to date

Launched in 2016

Learning Together to Advance our Practice (LEAP)

LEAP built on the early success of IMPACTplus taking the quality of instruction from good to great. At the core, LEAP is about helping teachers become true subject-matter experts so that every student across the city experiences rich, engaging, and challenging instruction every day. Teachers engage in intense, weekly cycles of development in small content-specific professional learning communities in their buildings.

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LEAP leaders enrolled annually


Seminars completed since launch


Coaching sessions completed since launch

Launched in 2015


Cornerstones introduced high-quality, powerful lessons and student experiences across every grade, every ward, and every content area including ELA, math, science, social studies, art, health, PE, and world languages.

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Cornerstone experiences designed and implemented


Number of 2nd graders to-date that have learned how to ride a bike


Number of students nationwide who have experienced Cornerstones

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