Private investments for public schools.

For more than a decade, DC Ed Fund has raised start-up capital from impact-minded investors to launch and scale innovative solutions with DCPS.

Direct access to senior leadership.

It all begins with curiosity and connection. Whether a donor reaches out to us first, or vice versa, the first step is always a conversation between DC Ed Fund, the donor, and DCPS leadership to learn more about mutual goals.

Strategic alignment.

Through multiple conversations facilitated through DC Ed Fund over the course of 3-6 months, the learning journey often reveals an alignment between DCPS priorities and the donor’s investment goals.

Targeted investment strategies.

Once the right investment is identified, DC Ed Fund facilitates the investment agreement, outlining a timeline for key milestones, accountability measures, communication, and any other expectations related to the gift.

Visibility and communication.

Throughout the duration of the investment, the DC Ed Fund team maintains close proximity and contact with donors to ensure visibility and communicate progress at every milestone, which may include liaising with DCPS directly to organize public announcements as well as managing press.

Lasting results.

During the investment period, DC Ed Fund closely monitors progress, evaluates success, reports key findings, removes barriers, and most importantly, establishes a sustainability plan.

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