Current Investment

DCPS Becoming

We’re transforming trauma into resilience and increasing the chances of lifelong success for every student.


Schools participating in the whole-child model implementation program.


Schools with a Whole Child Lead


Staff who have attended and graduated from Antiracist Educator University (ARE-U) since 2021.

Using the science of learning and development to improve outcomes for all students.

All students—but especially those who face Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)—need more than rich educational content to thrive.

They need supportive environments, meaningful relationships, and teachers who are willing to acknowledge, examine, and confront their own assumptions and biases to better nurture and serve the whole child. DCPS Becoming uses the science of cognitive development to redesign educational practices and close the achievement, discipline, and equity gaps caused by the experience of childhood trauma.

76% witnessed a violent act
70% reported being victims of violence or physical abuse of a family member
8% reported sexual victimization.

ACE’s affect a majority of DC students.

DCPS students have been screened for post-trauma symptomatology since 2018 and indicate exposure to three specific ACEs that limit their capacity to reach their full potential.

Layer 1

Social-Emotional and Academic Support

Culturally responsive social and emotional learning for students provided by a team of mental health youth development specialists trained in anti-racist and social justice practices.

Layer 2

Law Enforcement Support

Training in cognitive development science and restorative practices for law enforcement, mental health providers, and educators to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.

Layer 3

Wellness Support

School-based community service hubs to connect families impacted by systemic racism with expanded health and mental health services to improve wellness.

Layer 4

Family Support

Wraparound services to address gun violence, provide therapeutic outlets for students, and reduce over-policing and disproportionate discipline for students, families, and communities of color.

“We are at an inflection point, both as a system and in our history, that won’t stop until we reach racial equity for all students. DCPS’ promise is about being an anti-racist organization, so that all kids can reach their fullest potential in school and in life.”

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